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Thank you for visiting www.WholisticCounselor.com. If this is your first time viewing this site, you will be surprised by the amount of health information contained within each of its web pages. If you are a returning viewer of www.WholisticCounselor.com, I hope that you continue to be pleased with the health information contained within the web site and that you are able to use www.WholisticCoiunselor.com as a reference to explore the area of interest that is near and dear to you.
The purpose of  www.WholisticConselor.com is three fold;
    First - To enlighten and inform - not to diagnose and/or treat any condition or disease.
    Second - To Share natural health care alternative approaches to the condition or injury.
    Third - To Offer natural health care products that are naturally designed for wellness. 
On the web pages within www.WholisticCounselor.com, you will find information on the following;
    1)   Wholistic Medicine
    2)    Wholistic Counselor
    3)   Wholistic Consultation
    4)   Contact Information
    5)   Natural Healthcare Products That Aid & Nourish The Body - 1
                          Brain Function Natural Products
                          Nervous System Natural Products
                          Heart & Circulatory System Natural Products
                          Digestive System Natural products
                          Immune System Natural Products
    6)   Natural Healthcare Products That Aid & Nourish The Body - 2
                          Women's Health Natural Products
                          Men's Health Natural Products
                          Muscle Growth & Repair Natural Products
    7)   Natural Healthcare Products That Aid & Nourish The Body - 3
                          Energy Natural Products
                          Motor Vehicle Injury Natural Products
                          Recommended Daily Natural Products
                          SOL VITA Sauna Spa Machine
    8)   The Brain
    9)   Brain Health
  10)   The Nervous System
  11)   The Cranial Nerves
  12)   The Spinal Nerves
  13)   The Cervical Nerves
  14)   The Thoracic Nerves
  15)   The Lumbar Nerves
  16)   The Sacral & Coccygeal Nerves
  17)   Nerve Pressure
  18)   The Circulatory System
  19)   Vascular Health
  20)   Cholesterol
  21)   The Lymphatic System
  22)   Allergies
  23)   The Endocrine aka Hormonal System
  24)   The Menstrual Cycle aka Menstruation
  25)   Menopause
  26)   The Prostate Gland
  27)   Men's Health
  28)   The Muscular System
  29)   Fibromyalgia
  30)   Shoulder Injuries 
  31)   Posture
  32)   Tennis Elbow
  33)    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  34)   Knee Injuries
  35)   Ankle Injuries
  36)   The Digestive System
  37)   Bloating
  38)   Constipation
  39)   Water
  40)   Minerals
  41)   Vitamins
  42)   Nutrition
  43)   Amino Acids
  44)   Carbohydrates
  45)   Fats
  46)   Food For The Body
  47)   Seven (7) Health Questions
  48)   Arthritis
  49)   Burn-Out
  50)   Obesity
  51)   Osteoporosis
  52)   Nine (9) Steps To Health & Vitality
  53)   Nature's Twelve (12) Doctors
  54)   Seven (7) Affirmations For Optimal Health