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MINERAL                                                                   USE                                                      DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS


CALCIUM                                                                 MUSCLES, NERVES                                         MUSCLE CRAMPS, SOFT BONES

                                                                                      BONES & TEETH.                                               LOSS OF NERVE CONDUCTION.


CHONDROITAN                                                      STRENGTHENS THE                                     CARDIO VASCULAR DISEASE & 

   SULFATE                                                                 ARTERIAL SYSTEM.                                        INFLAMMATION.


CHROMIUM                                                             LIVER, PANCREAS &                                     GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE &

                                                                                      ENERGY.                                                              HEART DISEASE.


MAGNESIUM                                                           BONES, NERVES & TEETH.                            NERVOUSNESS AND TREMORS.


MANGANESE                                                          CARBOHYDRATE USE,                                   LAMENESS AND PARALYSIS.

                                                                                      TENDONS AND SEX



PHOSPHORUS                                                        BRAIN, BONES, NERVES &                            BONE PROBLEMS, FATIGUE &

                                                                                     TEETH.                                                                   WEIGHT LOSS.


POTASSIUM                                                           HEART MUSCLE, KIDNEYS                           HEART PROBLEMS, BREATHING

                                                                                     & NERVES.                                                             PROBLEMS & POOR REFLEXES.


SELENIUM                                                             MUSCLE TISSUE ELASTICITY                       PREMATURE AGING & MUSCLE

                                                                                     & LIVER.                                                               DEGENERATION.


SILICON                                                                BLADDER, BONES, MUSCLES                         ITCHING, DULL BRITTLE HAIR &

                                                                                   & TEETH.                                                                FATIGUE.


SODIUM                                                               MUSCLES, NERVES &                                          MUSCLE WEAKNESS & MUSCLE

                                                                                   WATER BALANCE.                                              SHRINKAGE.


ZINC                                                                     HEART, LIVER, PANCREAS,                                RETARTED GROWTH, HEALING

                                                                                  PROSTATE & WOUND                                           & SEXUAL MATURITY.


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