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The Ability To Control My Environment Is One Of The Critical Factors

 In Controlling And Reducing Burn-Out/Stress!


The Hypothalamus Gland located at the base of the brain becomes activated and stimulates the Pituitary Gland to release hormones.

The Pituitary Gland hormones stimulates the Adrenal Glands above the Kidneys to produce other hormones, which have wide-ranging effects on the body.

The Adrenal Gland

 The Adrenal Cortex, the Outer Part Of the Adrenal Gland, secretes hormones that have an effect on the body's metabolism, on chemicals in the blood and on certain body characteristics.

The Adrenal Medulla, the Inner Part Of the Adrenal Gland, is not essential to life however it does aid a person in coping with physical and emotional stress.

The Adrenal Medulla secretes the following hormones:

Epinephrine (also called Adrenaline) -

This hormone increases the heart rate and force of heart contractions, facilitates blood flow to the muscles and brain, causes relaxation of smooth muscles, helps with conversion of glycogen to glucose in the liver, and other activities.

Nor-Epinephrine (also called Nor-Adrenaline) -

This hormone has little effect on smooth muscle, metabolic processes, and cardiac output, but has strong vasoconstrictive effects, thus increasing blood pressure.

The Skin becomes pale as blood is drained away from it and sent to the muscles.

Sweat Production is increased, ready to cool down a body overheated by the exertion of fight or flight.

The Pupils of the eyes dilate or open up.

The Salivary Glands stop secreting saliva making the mouth dry.

The Breathing Rate speeds up to supply more oxygen to the muscles.

The Muscles ache and pain may also result from slow mobilization of lactic acid.

The Heart Rate increases to supply more blood to muscles.

The Blood Pressure Rises.

The Adrenal Glands releases Adrenaline.

The Kidneys work less efficiently because their blood supply is reduced.

The Digestion System slows down or ceases to function.

Defecation And Urination are prevented by the tightening of muscles. Alternatively Diarrhea or Uncontrolled Urination might occur.

The Immune System is impaired, making a person susceptible to disease and/or to an allergic reaction.


1)      SLEEP                                                    (6 - 8 Hours)

2)      TIME ALONE                                       (Quiet Time)

3)      SPIRITUALITY                                    (Faith & Peace)                  

4)      CREATIVE TIME                                (Music & Reading)

5)      PRE-PERFORMANCE                        (To Do List)

6)      TRAVEL                                                (Leave Earlier & Arrive Early)

7)      WORK                                                   (Regular Mental/Physical Breaks)

8)      GOING HOME                                     (Performer Versus Real Self)

9)      EXERCISE                                            (Cardio-Vascular)

10)  TELEPHONE                                        (No Talking When Doing Certain Activities)

11)  FAMILY                                                (Celebrate Events)

12)  FRIENDS                                               (Dinner And Fellowship)

13)  NUTRITION                                         (Foods That Are Energetic, Fresh And Alive)

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