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1)   In the past thirty (30) years, the percentage of Americans who are overweight has ballooned from 48 – 65 percent.

2)   The percentage of American children who are overweight has tripled from 5 – 15 percent and another is considered borderline.

3)      The obesity rates for African American and Latino children (ages 6-19 years old) are 1 in 6.

4)      Twenty-five (25) percent of dogs and cats are overweight.

5)    Fifty-seven (57) percent of the corn produced becomes inexpensive animal feed that helps keep meat prices down however it increases the fat within the meat.

6)   Five (5) percent of corn produced is refined to high-fructose corn syrup which is cheaper, sweeter and because it is a liquid is easier to transport and mix into foods than natural sugar.  (Beverage and food manufactures see the low price as a signal to use the high-fructose cocktail in virtually everything especially sodas).

7) Obesity significantly increases the risk of certain forms of cancer, diabetes, gall-bladder disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, infertility, osteoarthritis and sexual dysfunction.

8)   The total medical tab for obesity related diseases/illnesses is $117 billion a year and climbing according to the Surgeon General of United States. 

9)   In a Time Magazine and ABC Network poll, it was discovered that Aids, Cancer, Drug Abuse, Heart Disease and Obesity was among the United States most pressing public health problems.

10)  When people move to the United States from poorer nations, their weight begin to rise.

11)   Obesity is more likely in people who;

A)  Do not get enough exercise.

B)  Have poor eating habits.

C)  Consume high quality of refined sugar.

D)  Watch a lot of television.

 12) Obesity is an individual, family, community, state, country and world problem.


                                     SOLUTIONS TO THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC

1)     Teach children proper nutrition from pre-kindergarten to eight grade.

2)   Remove fast food, junk food and soft drinks from schools (Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco have taken steps to ban the sale of soft drinks during the school day).

3)     Serve more fruits, vegetables and less fried meat during school lunch time.

4)  Place statutory guidelines on advertisers (Australia, Italy and New Zealand have regulations).

5)  Ban broadcasting of junk-food commercials to our children during the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm (the food and restaurant industry spends $13 billion a year on ads that teach children to pester their parents for special foods).

6)  Teach and require children to participate in exercise programs while in school.

7)    Everyone should eat more raw fruits.

8)     Everyone should eat less meat especially fried meat.

9)     Everyone should eat more raw vegetables.

10)  Everyone should drink more water.

11)  Everyone should walk more.

12)  Everyone should discover the benefits of nutritional supplements.


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