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The human brain starts to slow down around the age of 30 however there are things we can do to keep it running at peak performance. One of the most important things we can do to develop a stronger and healthier brain is to engage in mental activities. 

Brain Health Should Focus On The Five (5) Major Categories Of The Brain Which Are;

          1. Attention.

          2. Concentration.

          3. Executive Function.

          4. Language.

          5. Memory, Spatial & Visual Skills.

    The Following Are Seven (7) Ways To Improve Our Brain Health;

1.   Learn to play a musical instrument, learn to speak a foreign language and memorize poems.

2.  Smell natural scents such as frankincense and sandalwood to increase oxygen to the brain to increase energy, immune function, learning and positive moods.

3. Perform neurobic exercises to strengthen neural pathways. Performing Neurobic exercises is simply using your left hand instead of using your right hand all the time, getting dress in another part of the house other than the bedroom, eating different foods at a different restaurant and talking to someone of a different culture to experience life from their point of view.

4.   Instead of working out in a gym all the time, get out on go dancing. Dancing which is a form of exercise will promote the growth of new brain cells and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

5.  Reduce exposure to food additives, harmful chemicals and increase use of natural fragrances, organic products, whole foods and more exposure to fresh air will improve brain health and sharpen concentration.

6.  Volunteer to increase communicating skills, mental functioning, self –esteem and self-worth as well as lower stress levels and create a sense of well-being.

7.   Sleep because the brain requires huge amounts of energy to function properly. Getting enough sleep will boost memory and allow the brain to process information correctly. 

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