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1.    Increase My Intake Of Fresh Air & Sunshine!

2.    Increase My Intake Of Clean Water, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables & Raw Nuts!

3.    Consume Moderate Amounts Of Baked, Boiled And/Or Broiled Meats!

4.    Limit My Intake Of Fried Foods, White Flour & White Sugar!

5.    Increase My Aerobic Activities By Walking, Performing Range Of Motion Exercises And Swimming!

6.   Increase My Brain Power By Listening To Educational & Positive Audio Materials, Reading Educational & Positive Literature & Attending Educational & Positive Seminars!

7.    Rest My Mind & Physical Body By Setting Aside Time On A Weekly And/Or Monthly Basis To Do The Things That I Like And/Or Love To Do!

8.    Learn & Apply Natural Healing Laws, Principles & Products That Work In Harmony With The Body (Calcium Complex, Green Magic, Multi-Vitamins)!

9.   Consult Physicians & Other Professional Healers Of The Body That Practice & Endorse Natural Healing As Their Primary Choice In Restoring And Maintaining Health For Their Patients (Dr. Williams)!

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