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1)   I Will Drink Six (6) To Eight (8) Glasses Of Clean Water Every Day!

2)   I Will Eat Plenty Of Whole Foods Such As Fruits, Grains, Legumes & Vegetables!

3)       I Will Supplement My Diet With A High-Potency Multi Vitamin And Minerals!

4)       I Will Add Movement To My Life By Walking Thirty Minutes Or More Per Day!

5)       I Will Maintain A Healthy Weight By Eating Right And Walking Regularly!

6)       I Will Acquaint Myself With Natural Healing Laws & Principles!

7)       I Will Read, Study & Apply Positive & Uplifting Materials To My Mind To Become A Better & Productive Human Being!

I ______________________________, have read the following seven (7) principles for optimal health and I promise to make them a part of my daily life. 

I realize that I am important to myself, my family, my job and to humanity therefore I must take control of my health. 

I also realize that if I do not take care of my health, my family, my job and humanity will be cheated out of my abilities, my gifts and my talents. 

Dated ________________        Signature ____________________________________

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